Speaker Series: PSI vs. Science

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PSI vs. SCIENCE - April 16 in San Francisco

"A Reason for Reason" skeptical speaker series, in association with CFI, takes on PRECOGNITION... but we'll bet you saw that coming...

Please join us and tell fellow skeptics!

PSI vs. Science:†
New Standards for Old Claims

The controversy around recent experiments in psychic phenomena have created a desperate need for new standards in data analysis. This talk explores Daryl Bemís experiments in precognition and how new methods may be used to create a more rigorous statistical framework. Weíll examine whether these experiments align with our latest understanding of physics (including quantum mechanics) and extend these concepts to broader skeptical issues.

About the Speaker:

Stan KleinStanley Klein is a Professor of Vision Science and Optometry at the University of California at Berkeley and a member of the Visual Processing Laboratory. He is a consulting editor for Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics a publication of the Psychonomic Society which promotes the communication of scientific research in psychology and allied sciences. His major area of research has been neurotechnology, a field of science that studies the body and mind through the nervous system by electronics and mechanisms. He is the co-chair for the SPIE (an international society on the science and application of light) meetings on human vision. Klein has authored and co-authored a number of papers there on research of vision perception in the human brain.

WHEN: 7:30 PM, Tuesday. April 16, 2013 (Talk starts at 8 PM sharp)

WHERE: Downstairs at Kells Irish Pub, 530 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 (CLICK FOR MAP)

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