Speaker Series: Aging Doesn't Exist - The Truth Behind Life Extension

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Aging Doesn't Exist: The Facts about Life Extension

"A Reason for Reason" skeptical speaker series, in association with CFI, toys with immortality in September...

Please join us and tell fellow critical thinkers!

The Facts Behind Life Extension

When people complain about aging, they are actually complaining about are age-related diseases. †"Aging" is a mental construct, a mass hallucination, a convenience of language. The scientists focused on curing aging are working toward a different world: one in which age-related diseases have been delayed and eliminated. †They believe our social spending priorities should focus on such prevention, instead of treating diseases after they occur. The science is extraordinary- some of the most complex problems ever tackled in medicine, and the latest research is remarkable.

But what if they succeed? †Will this be a better world?

About the Speaker:

Joe Betts-LaCroix received bachelorís and master's degrees from Harvard and MIT, and completed a research fellowship at Caltech on electron tunneling in redox proteins such as cytochrome and hemoglobin, which was published in the magazine "Science".† He then founded OQO, a startup that was noted in Guinness World Records as the smallest PC.† More recently Joe worked with Halcyon Molecular to develop better gene-sequencing methods using DNA threading and electron microscopy.† A prolific inventor, he holds scores of patents and enjoys buying and selling them in his spare time.† Presently Joe is Executive Director of Health Extension, a community working to increase healthy, happy lifespan.

WHEN: 7:30 PM, Monday September 30, 2013 (Talk starts at 8 PM sharp)

WHERE: Downstairs at Kells Irish Pub, 530 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133 (CLICK FOR MAP)

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