2011 10:23 Campaign Against Homeopathy

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70 Cities
28 Countries
>1500 "overdoses"
ZERO fatalities

Homeopathy is a popular but widely misunderstood form of alternative medicine based on pseudo-scientific principles. Homeopathic "remedies" are made by diluting questionable remedies with extraordinary amounts of water - often until there is a mere chance of one molecule of active ingredient in the final treatment.

Extraordinary claims are causing consumers to forego traditional medical treatment, with estimates of Americans spending in excess of US$3B per year on this pseudoscience. 
The time has come to stand up for rational thinking and scientific evidence.


Like-minded skeptics came together in San Francisco on the morning of Feb. 5 as we take part in the worldwide 10:23 campaign to raise awareness on this issue. We demonstrated, supplied information, and performed a mass “overdose” to garner attention for this cause.

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